Our God’s Kids group meets Wednesday afternoons from 3:45 -5:15 pm during the school year. All children from Kindergarten thru 4th grade are welcome.  A light snack is served, followed by age appropriate activities. Webster City School Bus # 17 drops off children directly at Faith United Methodist Church. 


This past year they have studied the "Fruits of the Spirits" love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness and self-control.  They have also studied the 10 commandments and are learning the books of the Bible.  They enjoy putting on the Christmas program and taking part in a youth church service.

God's Kids is very mission oriented:  Each year they...

*During October God’s Kids gather pet supplies to donate on their annual visit to Almost Home in Fort Dodge. This past year they added pet toys that they made to their donation.  Almost Home is the Humane Society for North Central, IA.

*During November they collect items for local food pantries. 


*In December they have fun singing carols at the care centers.

*In January they make up Birthday Bags, which are then donated to local food pantries for families who can't afford the supplies they need for their child's special birthday party. Below is a little thank you we received....

        "Thank you for the Birthday Bag I got at Trinity Food Pantry.  My birthday is today and I would not have been able to have a birthday cake or party things without your help.  PS I had Karen help me write this note for me.  Thanks too for the Mickey Mouse book.   signed: Matthew


* In February and at Christmas we send cards to the shut-ins.

*During Lent the children collect quarters in order to purchase animals through the Heifer Project International, which helps needy families become self sufficient.  

Our God's Kids have a wonderful time learning about God and his teachings.