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The beautiful stained glass window of Jesus In The Garden and the Alter below it were brought to Faith UMC where they are displayed in the Chapel.  The pulpits are now used every Sunday at Faith.


Grace United Methodist Church

Mulberry United Methodist Church

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Our Beginnings

Faith United Methodist Church began in 1991 when Grace United Methodist Church and Mulberry Center United Methodist Church combined and  moved to the current location.  Along with a new building, the two churches merged their rich heritages and developed a common goal.  The goal was to find value in each person as one of God’s creations. It was our goal that each person develops a deep relationship with God and other Christian believers on their journey of faith.

Both churches began as United Brethren Churches.  In 1887 United Brethren Classes were organized at the Mulberry Center School, White Fox School and at Saratoga in Hamilton County.  Throughout the first century both churches have gone through many changes.  The buildings had numerous renovations and additions.  They had been part of three denominations: The United Brethren in Christ, in 1946 the Evangelical United Brethren and in 1946 the United Methodist Church.  Both congregations had been part of the same charge since the beginning and had shared the same Pastoral leadership.  Both had active church school programs, adult fellowship groups, youth groups and music programs. 

The History of Grace UMC

The White Fox and Saratoga groups merged into one group located in Webster City.  The group met at the Court House until the building at at 1001 Willson Ave., was consecrated on February 26, 1893.  

Other denomination changes were:

United Brethren in Christ 1926-1942

First Evangelical United Brethren Church 1957-1982.

Grace United Methodist Church 1982-1991

The History of Mulberry Center UMC

Mulberry Center United Brethren Church had 52 charter members, and held services in Mulberry Center School house until the church was built.  The Mulberry Center Church was dedicated July 18, 1890.  The White fox and Saratoga groups merged into one group located in Webster City.   When the churches merged into Faith UMC the Mulberry Center Church was moved to the Wilson Brewer Park in Webster City where it is used .  

To honor the Mulberry Center Church the baptismal fount and lighted cross are also displayed in the Chapel at Faith UMC.

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